“I’m writing you today to thank you for the payment of $296.00 to Laclede Gas Company, on Feb 24, 2014. This meant a lot to me at times that I was going through financial hardship.

I have always tried to care for my family on my own, but I wasn’t ab;e to handle it all this time.

I appreciate the help and thank you again.”

-Recent LIHEAP Recipient
February 28, 2014

CAASTLC doesn’t usually hear back from weatherization clients as they have very busy lives just surviving and providing.

Recently, however, CAASTLC heard from a sister of a weatherization client. The sister, Kris, wanted to make sure that everyone at CAASTLC knew how important the work was that was done at the home of her sister, JoAnn. JoAnn has seen her health decline significantly the past few years even though she’s only 65. Her doctor held out little hope for herself. At the very least, JoAnn was headed toward relocation into a geriatric care residence.

Then change began to happen. A church kicked in to repair a vinyl floor. A non-profit organization helped JoAnn with her porch and the St. Louis Home Builders helped with other repairs as well.

And then CAASTLC stepped in. CAASTLC’s weatherization auditor found multiple carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks. Mold was everywhere. JoAnn had been showering in the dark and would almost freeze from poor heating during the winter. JoAnn had flu-like symptoms that just wouldn’t go away and she felt hopeless and sickly. CAASTLC went to work replacing a furnace, repairing leaks, fixing doors, installing ventilation and sealing up the home which provided better indoor air quality.

The home was made safer, healthier and more energy-efficient. However, more important than the house changing for the better is that JoAnn has changed for the better. She enjoys life today, feels better and is better. Kris tells us that mentally and physically JoAnn is a different person. JoAnn, who some mistook as Kris’ mother, now passes for Kris’s younger sister again. JoAnn’s lethargy, flu and distress are gone. In spite of living on less than $900 a month, JoAnn can now continue to stay in her home and she likes the life she got back. Kris says thanks for giving her sister back to her.

– Recent Weatherization Recipient

Weatherization Client


“Thank you so very much for allowing Delta Academy to participate in a Community Service Project at the farm. Gabriel and Jake were absolutely phenomenal and their passion resonated while educating the young ladies. I couldn’t believe the young ladies enthusiasm while working on a Saturday morning! The farm is a true asset for the community and I hope the residents recognize the resource. On behalf of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, I thank you!!!”
Community Farm Client, Andrea Jackson-Jennings, Delta Academy Co-Lead


Last January, Mr. Malone created an account by himself but was unable to finish the application due to web site issues. He called the 1-800 number for assistance and was referred to our agency, the Community Community Action Agency of St. Louis County. With help from a Certified Application Counselor he was successful in enrolling in an insurance plan with a zero dollar ($0) premium. This individual, a man in his 40’s, had not had health insurance for three years. He was so happy that he could now and finally go to the doctor. He said “It’s been really hard finding a job that offers health insurance. I’ve been working temporary jobs for the last five years and without this program I could never afford health insurance on my own.”

– Recent ACA Recipient

Affordable Care Insurance Client