All services offered at CAASTLC start with a Family Intake, Assessment and Referral.  During this process you will sit down one on one with a member of CAASTLC’s staff to discuss the challenges you are going through and what programs and services offered at CAASTLC that may be of assistance to you.  If CAASTLC does not directly provide a service that is determined you need, a referral will be provided to another agency that provides that service.

Most of the programs that CAASTLC provides are targeted for low-income county residents. Income eligibility varies slightly for some programs. Click on eligibility requirements and  documentation required for a complete list.

Additional Support Services 

CAASTLC has several additional services designed to meet the immediate needs of income eligible individuals or families.  These services include a Resource Fairs, Job Fairs and a 100 Neediest Program….more

Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS)

Missouri’s COMMUNITY ACTION POVERTY SIMULATION (CAPS) is a unique “Roleplaying” tool that helps people begin to understand what life is like with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress….more

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Seeds of Hope Farm

CAASTLC’s Seeds of Hope Farm helps low-income families avoid processed foods through education, and making healthy food more affordable.  Our Community Supported Agriculture program brings the whole community together to make this possible….more

Employment Development Program

CAASTLC’s Employment Development Program helps motivated job candidates find and retain employment in their communities through classes, 1-on-1 coaching, empowerment fairs and hiring events….more

Energy Services

CAASTLC has a number of Energy Services programs designed to alleviate the immediate threat of utility service disconnection (i.e., electricity, gas, propane, or heating oil) and assist residents in getting utility service restored to their homes….more

Family Intake, Assessment and Referral

CAASTLC meets with individuals to assess their current situation and refer to appropriate programs. During these meetings, a family will learn what programs CAASTLC offers and which ones they are eligible for. Call 314.863.0015 to schedule an appointment…..more

Family Support Case Management

CAASTLC offers home-based Case Management services designed to assist the participant in becoming self-sufficient through employment and/or educational goals….more

Food Pantry

CAASTLC collaborates with the St. Louis Area Food Bank and others to provide USDA commodities and nutritious food items to individuals and families needing help….more

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) Program (formerly GED)

CAASTLC partners with local school districts to provide comprehensive services for people without a high school diploma. We offer preparation courses for the HiSET, as well as life skills courses such as job preparedness & financial literacy….more

Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes program helps people recently discharged from the hospital with their transition home by ensuring a healthy home environment….more

H2O Help Program

CAASTLC partners with Missouri American Water for the H20 Help Program.  This program provides financial assistance to people struggling to pay their water bill….more

Housing Assistance

CAASTLC’s Housing Assistance program helps individuals seeking home ownership & housing counseling with such benefits as match funding and down payments assistance for first time home buyers….more

Individual Development Accounts

Whether buying a home, starting a business, or enrolling in certified education programs, or buying a car, CAASTLC’s Individual Development Account (IDA) can help. An IDA is a matched savings account designed to help participants achieve their long-term financial goals….more

Life Skills Classes

From energy conservation or budgeting to anger management, parenting, and nutrition, CAASTLC offers a wide variety of classes helping people achieve their potential through education and training….more

Parole to Payroll-Second Chance (e.g. Makin’ It Work)

Incarcerated individuals face many challenges when released. Employment, housing, basic needs, and family issues are just a few examples of what makes reentering society an uphill battle. CAASTLC offers programming focused on removing these barriers and equipping people with the tools necessary for a successful release transition….more

Step Up To Leadership

Step Up to Leadership is a 12 week program designed to give community-minded, income-eligible individuals the skills necessary to engage their community leaders and local agencies on how to make a difference….more

Substance Abuse/Anger Management Programs

CAASTLC is one of the few places that offers FREE Anger Management and Drug & Alcohol Education Classes. Classes meet throughout the week and are designed to help those struggling with anger issues or maintaining sobriety….more

Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherizing your home reduces the impact of high home energy costs which can affect your monthly budget. CAASTLC’s Weatherization Assistance Program for income-eligible residents have helped many homes throughout the county….more

Youth Development Program (e.g. Youth Case Management) 

CAASTLC is involved in school districts throughout the county. However, our involvement with families doesn’t end in the summer. The Youth Case Management program is designed to reach youth and their families in need of support. Whether that support is for a family’s basic needs or skills for improved family functioning, CAASTLC can help….more