The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL) project is a simulation designed to challenge youth to think critically about how choices and decisions made in adolescence may have consequences in adulthood.

Participating youth are given the life of someone who has made reactive or negative choices — all have dropped out of high school, some have past legal histories, some have low paying jobs, etc.

Following this, they are given the life of someone who has made proactive or positive choices — all have graduated from high school and obtained some type of higher education, all are employed at a living wage, all have affordable child care, etc.

Youth are challenged to live those two lives and compare the experiences to draw conclusions in their own lives. It is the expectation that youth will draw on their experiences at the Reality Enrichment and

Life Lessons simulation to make proactive choices in their own lives, so they may know self-sufficiency in adulthood.

By reviewing various research outlets, it was determined youth would benefit from a project that would challenge their thoughts about decision making. Through Network collaboration, the Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons project was designed to help meet these goals.

This  project was originally initiated by the Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation to assist facilitators as a tool to aide youth with development of life management skills, programs for self-improvement, and increased services for youth to prepare them for life after school.


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