CAASTLC’s Youth Case Management has a couple different components:

  • Classroom presentations
  • 1-on-1 mentoring
  • Family meetings
  • School communication
  • Home visits (as needed)

The focus of this program is to emphasize the importance of staying in school, obtaining a good education, and the consequences of negative alternatives of gangs, dropping out, and incarceration. We also discuss peer pressure, relationships, and positive communication skills. While referrals generally come from school principals, teachers, counselors, and police officers, feel free to contact us for more information @ 314.863.0015 ext. 432.

Eligibility Requirements – Household income may not exceed 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Please go to our Information and Guidelines page for a complete listing of “income guidelines“.


The Teen Action Program (TAP) is an advocacy initiative where youth lead the process to affect change within their own community. TAP teens live in Spanish Lake, an unincorporated area of St. Louis county where 38% of the children live in poverty.  Teens meet bi-weekly during the school year to learn leadership skills, assess current youth resources, identify needs, and practice community organization.  The youth then build partnerships and take action to develop additional resources, services, and structured activities for Spanish Lake teens.