Communtiy Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc.

A Community Action Agency
providing low-income people with
emergency and crisis intervention services.

Community Action Partnership
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Programs and Services

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CAASTLC has several additional services designed to meet the immediate needs of income eligible individuals or families. These services include a Food Pantry, Back-to-School Fair, and a Winter Wonderland Program.

Missouri’s COMMUNITY ACTION POVERTY SIMULATION (CAPS) is a unique tool that helps people begin to understand what life is like with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress.

Our community gardens provide an opportunity for neighborhood social interaction, produce nutritious food, and maximize family food budgets

Our farm’s main goal is to create a healthy food culture for all members of our community, especially low-income families who are often priced out of healthy fresh ingredients and forced to stretch their food dollar by buying processed foods.

CAASTLC has an Employment Development Program that is designed to help motivated job candidates find and retain employment in their communities.

CAASTLC has a number of Energy Services programs designed to alleviate the immediate threat of utility service disconnection (i.e., electricity, gas, propane, or heating oil) and assist residents in getting utility service restored to their homes.

CAASTLC conducts Intake, Assessment and Referral for all household members to determine eligibility and appropriate needs.

CAASTLC offers home-based Case Management services designed to assist the participant in becoming self-sufficient through employment and/or educational goals.

CAASTLC is partnered with Ritenour School District to provide comprehensive services for the “Pathway to the Future” GED program

Our Healthy Homes program provides patients, recently discharged from the hospital, the opportunity to recover in a healthy environment.

CAASTLC has partnered with Missouri American Water to administer H2O Help, which is a program designed to help provide supplemental funding to Missouri American Water customers who would otherwise have trouble paying their bill.

CAASTLC has comprehensive housing assistance programs which includes Home Ownership, Housing Counseling, and Rent/Mortgage Assistance.

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched savings account designed to help participants achieve their long-term financial goals - buying a home, starting a business, or enrolling in certified education program.

CAASTLC offers classes to help people achieve their potential through education and training.

The Makin’ It Work curriculum is taught to offenders in the St. Louis County Justice Center 3 nights per week.

Step Up to Leadership is designed for income eligible community-minded people wanting to make a difference.

CAASTLC offers:

  • anger management educational classes,
  • drug & alcohol educational classes,
  • assessment and referral to assist people struggling to establish and maintain sobriety.

CAASLTC and partners promote and conduct an annual event, “Veteran’s Stand Down,” that provides homeless veterans with a variety of services .

The Weatherization Assistance Program is designed to reduce the impact of high home energy costs for income eligible residents. 

The Youth @ Risk school based program is designed to reach youths and their families who are at-risk of involvement in or are involved in gang activities, violence, illegal acts and/or other related activities.