Communtiy Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc.

A Community Action Agency
providing low-income people with
emergency and crisis intervention services.

Community Action Partnership
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Employment Development

CAASTLC has an Employment Development Program that is designed to help motivated job candidates find and retain employment in their communities.

Our Job Readiness classes emphasize employment enhancement skills that will help the candidate locate, land and retain a job. The classes cover topics such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, personal finance, time management, completing an employment application, work place survival skills and basic computer skills. Classes are conducted bi-weekly. To register in the Job Readiness program or find out more information, please call 314-863-0015 extension 431. Please go to our "Calendar of Events" page for a complete listing of our Job Readiness classes.

Job seekers who complete a Job Readiness Class are eligible for our Job Placement program. This program provides resources and placements for individuals seeking employment. Participants will work with an employment specialist who serves as an advisor and job coach in providing viable job leads and follow-up services. Participants may also be provided with transportation assistance, an interview suit or assistance with other job search needs. Our computer lab is available by appointment for Job Placement participants who would like personal assistance with filling out on-line job applications, using the telephone and fax, writing cover letters, and using the internet.

Our Job Fairs are held four times a year. We've networked and partnered with various area employers to hold these fairs with the focus being to increase the number of employers providing employment opportunities to our clients and to educate employers on the employment challenges that our clients face. Please go to our "Calendar of Events" page for a complete listing of our upcoming Job Fairs.

Eligibility Requirements - Household income may not exceed 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. Please go to our "Income Guidelines" page for a complete listing of income guidelines.

Click here to view our Job Readiness Classes Flyer
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