The application has changed.  We can NOT use LIHEAP applications from previous years.  You must submit the revised version (8-2022) available below.  Applications submitted from previous years can not be approved. 

Direct link to PDF Version of Application with Instructions (Note: Form can be filled out electronically.)

Online submission for the LIHEAP application is now available.  You can access the LIHEAP application from https://mydss.mo.gov/utility-assistance.

  1. Scroll down the page an in box number one, labeled Apply, select "Apply for help with energy bills (LIHEAP).
  2. You will then see a prompt in a light red box to download the form.  The download button appears just above the application in the upper right side of your screen.
  3. When you download, you will be prompted to save and then open the application.
  4. Complete the application and hit the save button in the upper right side of your screen.
  5. Select the golden submit button at the bottom of page 5 of the LIHEAP application.
  6. A new screen will open and you will attach the application and supporting documents as prompted.  You will select Upload/Submit.

Click here for - LIHEAP Income Eligibility Guidelines

PROGRAMA DE ASISTENCIA DE ENERGÍA PARA HOGARES DE BAJOS INGRESO (LIHEAP): Enlace director a la versión PDF de la Solicitud con instrucciones (Nota: El formulario se puede completar electrónicamente.)

Weatherization - Downloadable PDF Application and Instructions

Weatherization Assistance Program Owner/Landlord Agreement Owner/Authorized Agent Certification form - Downloadable PDF form

Weatherization Certification of Household Claiming Zero Income - Downloadable PDF Form

Weatherization Certification of Individual Adult (over the age of 19) Claiming Zero Income - Downloadable PDF Form



Poverty Simulations:

Missouri’s Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) is a unique tool that helps people begin to understand what life is like with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress. Link to Poverty Simulations Page

Job Fairs &Hiring Events:

Our Employment Program sponsors two annual job fairs and numerous Hiring Events in the St. Louis County region. A variety of employers participate and often provide on-site hiring opportunities. Link to Employment Development Page

Step Up to Leadership:

Step Up to Leadership is designed for income eligible, community-minded individuals desiring to develop leadership skills and turn their civic passions into action. Topics cover the value of grassroots participation, goal setting, public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, and grant writing. Link to Step Up To Leadership Page

Family Case Management:

Case Management is a customer-centered, goal-oriented process for assessing the needs of an individual/family and assisting them to achieve their goals.   The Case Manager “bundles” services, including education and employment options to assist the customer towards achieving economic security.  Link to Family Support Case Management Page

 Drug & Alcohol Education Classes:

A twelve-session substance abuse prevention program offered at CAASTLC, Inc.is facilitated by certified alcohol and drug counselors utilizing informative materials and group discussion. Link to Substance Abuse/Anger Management Page

Anger Management Education Classes:

An eight-session program that uses cognitive behavioral theories for learning. The program places an emphasis on hope by providing methods to identify and manage anger. Link to Substance Abuse/Anger Management Page

Employment Development Program:

Our Employment Program curriculum teaches job search techniques, retention skills, computer skills and resume building for the job seeker. Link to Employment Development Page

 Life Skills Classes:

Classes are offered to help our customers reach their greatest potential through education and training. Classes are offered in the following areas: Health & Wellness, Financial Management, Parenting & Family Development, Home Management, and Energy Conservation. Link to Life Skill Classes Page

 Individual Development Account:

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched savings account designed to help participants achieve their long-term financial goals – buying a home, home repairs, purchasing a car, starting a business or enrolling in a certified education program. Link to Individual Development Account Page

Parole to Payroll-Second Chance:

This program is designed to help ex-offenders find satisfying work by providing successful tips to navigate the job market, developing resumes that incorporate prison education and work programs, and tools to improve an interviewee’s performance. All participants will be assigned a case manager to assist with identifying all needs and goal setting. The Makin’ It Work curriculum is a core component. Link to Parole to Payroll-Second Chance Page

Youth Case Management:

CAASTLC, Inc. offers Case Management services to assist a young person to identify his/her interests, goals, and skills and abilities that will help them succeed in their education and career path.  Link to Youth Case Management Page


Partnering with various St. Louis County school districts, CAASTLC, Inc. provides Case Management and supportive services to students, ages 17-24, enrolled in HiSET programs.  Link to HiSet Page

 Teen Action Program (TAP):

An employment internship where youth in high school lead the process to affect change within their own community. Teens meet during the school year and summer to learn leadership skills, assess current youth resources, identify needs and practice community organization. Link to Youth Case Management Page

Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL):

The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL) project is a hands-on simulation designed to challenge youth to think critically about how choices and decisions made in adolescence may have consequences in adulthood. Middle and high schools and youth groups can request this impactful exercise geared to keeping youth in school. Link to REALL Page

Farm Youth Intern Program*:

A summer internship offers youth meaningful opportunities to grow produce on an urban farm, develop knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices, food system changes, and social justice.

*Denotes as funding permits.

Weatherization Assistance Program:

The Weatherization Assistance Program is administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Weatherization reduces air infiltration into the home to help households save money on their heating and cooling bills. The average family saves over $437 a year after their home has been weatherized. Income eligible home owners and renters are eligible for this free service. Link to Weatherization Assistance Program

 Housing Assistance:

CAASTLC, Inc. has a comprehensive housing assistance program which includes Down Payment Assistance*, Housing Counseling, Disaster Relief*, and Rent/Mortgage Assistance*. Link to Housing Assistance Page

Housing Repair Program*:

CAASTLC, Inc. works with a variety of grant sources to provide funds for specific home repairs for St. Louis County homeowners. Participants are educated through Healthy Homes to learn techniques to have a safe and healthy home. Homes are then referred to Weatherization for additional services. Link to Healthy Home Page

Energy Services Programs:

CAASTLC, Inc. has several Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP*, Dollar Help*, Dollar More* & Heat Up*) designed to alleviate the immediate threat of utility service disconnection and assists with restoration.  Link to Energy Services Page

H2O Help Program*

In partnership with Missouri American Water, CAASTLC, Inc. provides supplemental funding to customers who are facing disconnection of their water services. Link to H2O Page

*Denotes as funding permits.

Food Pantry:

CAASTLC, Inc. collaborates with the St. Louis Area Food Bank and others to provide USDA commodities and nutritious food items to individuals and families needing help. Link to Food Pantry Page

Affordable Care Act:

The Affordable Care Act program provides aid to individuals enrolling in healthcare plans through the Marketplace. CAASTLC, Inc. staff is available to answer your questions. Link to Affordable Care Act Enrollment

 CAASTLC’s Seeds of Hope Farm:

Through our farm site in Spanish Lake, our main goal is to nurture a healthy food culture. Members receive affordably priced boxes of freshly picked produce and can shop at our farm stand. Volunteers have the opportunity to earn produce. The farm hosts farm dinners and cooking classes that are free for the whole family. Link to Seeds of Hope Farm Website









"James Ingram has been skillfully facilitating my cognitive skills programs for more than 12 years for The Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, making him one of the most experienced 'Makin' It Work' trainers in the country. He is an insightful and dedicated teacher who brings his full spirit to every lesson. James has my highest praise and my strongest recommendation!"
Dr. Steve Parese, Author, Makin' It Work

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CAASTLC, Inc. is funded at $4,749,774.00 by Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds and $12,346,167.00 in total agency funding.  CSBG funds are received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division.